Kristo Pantera

A short biography.

Kristo Pantera born in Thessaloniki Greece.A multi-talented character, Kristo love from childhood everything about art. He travel a lot around the world to learn and practice  about old and new forms of art. Guitarist and Singer at legentary Band Panikos, and last years Traditional Stoner Psychedelic Band Desert Runners. Adventure photographer and filmmaker free spirit and seeker of the Way. Practitioner and Instructor of Martial-Energy Arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Chang and 5 Fists HsingI program,

aslo study healing arts and practices of Shiatsu and TuiNa.

  Tattooing professionaly since 1988 when the situation in Greece are very hard and dark.

He works with the best names and studios in Berlin, Melbourne, Athens, Thessaloniki and around.

Now you can find services at his personal space and studio

at Nea Moudania Chalkidiki Grecce.